Oil & Natural Gas Exploration and Production
  • MDU Resources Increases Common Stock Dividend 24th Consecutive Year; Provides Five-Year Capital Plan Forecast

    The MDU Resources Group (NYSE: MDU) board of directors today increased the company’s quarterly common stock dividend to 18.25 cents per share, for an annualized dividend of 73 cents per share. The previous quarterly dividend was 17.75 cents per share.
  • MDU Resources Reports Third Quarter Earnings; Announces Evaluating Second Diesel Refinery and Marketing Its Fidelity Exploration & Production Company

    MDU Resources Group, Inc. (NYSE:MDU) today reported third quarter consolidated adjusted earnings of $84.9 million, or 44 cents per common share, compared to $92.3 million, or 49 cents per common share for the third quarter of 2013. Consolidated GAAP earnings were $103.0 million, or 53 cents per common share, compared to $84.3 million, or 44 cents per common share for the third quarter of 2013.
  • MDU Resources Announces Webcast of Analyst Conference Call

    MDU Resources Group, Inc. (NYSE:MDU) will webcast its third quarter 2014 earnings conference call Nov. 4 following the release of its results.
  • 2013 Annual Report, Form 10-K and Proxy Statement
    MDU Resources provided shareholders with a strong return on their investment in 2013 while achieving the highest earnings results since 2008. The company's capital investment program is showing results while building the foundation for sustainable long-term growth. Details on the company's growth strategy and financial results are presented in our 2013 Annual Report and Form 10-K.
  • 2013 Sustainabiity Report
    MDU Resources Group manages its business with a long-term view toward sustainable operations, focusing on how economic, environmental and social impacts help us in Building a Strong America.
  • MDU Resources' Safe Management of Hydraulic Fracturing Report

    MDU Resources Group has prepared a report discussing our safe management of the hydraulic fracturing process, which plays an important role in the successful production of oil and natural gas in the United States. (Updated March 2012.)

  • Goals for Greenhouse Gas Emissions Reductions Report

    MDU Resources recognizes that our operations can have an impact on our environment, including through emissions of what have been identified by the government as greenhouse gases (GHG). This report details our efforts to reduce GHG emissions.

  • MDU Resources' Production and Safe Management of Coal Combustion Resdiuals (CCRs)

    MDU Resources Group has prepared a report discussing the safe management of coal ash produced by our coal-fueled electric generating plants.

Our Utilities

MDU Resources Group's utility companies provide more than 1 million customers with electric and natural gas services in eight states.

Our E&P

Fidelity Exploration & Production Company acquires, explores for, develops and produces oil and natural gas in the Rocky Mountain and Mid-Continent regions of the U.S.

Our Pipeline

WBI Energy has natural gas pipeline and associated systems and services in the Rocky Mountain and northern Great Plains regions of the U.S.

Our Construction

MDU Resources Group has construction materials and contracting operations and construction service operations across the U.S.